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Library Computer Lab in Tucson

What does the Library Computer Lab offer?

The Library Computer Lab makes computers and instructional software available to the students, faculty and staff of the Arizona Health Sciences Center (AHSC) during library hours.

The computer lab supports curriculum-based programs, general productivity applications, scanner workstations equipped with image and optical character recognition software. The lab computers provide access to the internet, the campus network, statistical packages and various course-related instructional programs. See Computer Programs.

There are 37 PCs and one self-service laser printer that makes both black & white and color copies for a fee. For high quality or volume color prints at reduced prices, submit your job online to Copy Technology Services, which is found on the 3rd floor of the library.

The lab also has 3 color scanners, both offering text conversion (OCR) and graphical scanning software, as well as various image editing programs.

Staff at the Information Desk are available to assist lab users with a variety of software applications.


Eligible users

  • AHSC students, faculty and staff
  • Arizona Cancer Center and UA Health Care staff
  • Health care practitioners with a AHSL Community Card

Additional Information :

  • In addition to belonging to one of the above groups, each person must possess a current AHS Library user ID and produce it when requested.
  • Certain individuals, such as visiting faculty or health sciences students from other institutions, may be temporarily granted selected computer lab privileges at the discretion of the Head of the Information Services. These individuals must have a current AHS Library user ID and abide by all applicable policies and procedures.
  • Computer and network resources are provided for legitimate academic, administrative and health information-related purposes which further the mission of the University.
  • The computer lab is subject to all relevant UA policies (see below). Failure to abide by these policies may result in the revocation of privileges.
  • The library reserves the right to revoke computer lab privileges.



Lab computers are connected to a networked self-service printer that can print both black & white and color copies. Black & white copies cost 10¢ per page; color copies cost 75¢ per page. For high quality or volume color prints at reduced prices, submit your job online to Copy Technology Services, which is found on the 3rd floor of the library.

Print jobs may be paid for with a UA CatCard or coins/cash. You may add value to your CatCard using the computers in the lab. Login to CatCa$h to start the process. Visitor cards for non-UA users may be obtained from the AHSL Information Desk. Use the Guest/Visitor Login at CatCa$h to add value to the card.

Step by step

  1. When you are ready to print a document, use the normal print command for the application you are in.
  2. You will then see a dialogue box requesting that you enter your name. Enter your name or anything else by which you will recognize your print job.
  3. Next, you will see a dialogue box that allows you to assign a password to your print job. This is optional. If you assign a password, you will be requested to enter it twice.
  4. Go to the UniPrint wordstation. On the monitor, locate your print job and select it. The program will display the number of pages and cost for your print job. Insert cash or coin in an amount sufficient to pay for your print job and click the PRINT button. Your print job will be printed and any change will be deposited in the change slot.

NOTE: For color print jobs, you will need to select the color printer as part of the print command. Some computers do not have color printing enabled. If you have any questions, please ask Information Desk staff for assistance.


UA Computer Policies

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